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प्री-मेडिकल में सर्वश्रेष्ठ रहने की परम्परा | Innovation है तो सक्सेस है



This course is for those students who are unable to take our regular classroom coaching but wish to get innovation’s advantage. For such students we provide study material package course.

This is highly systematic, comprehensive and relevant study material package which we use for our classroom courses as well. This course is designed meticulously for efficient learning. If the student goes through the SMP thoroughly then it helps developing sound understanding of fundamentals, a logical and a methodological approach to problem solving. It improves the student’s mental ability so that he/she can face competitive examination with supreme state of competence and confidence.

Salient features :

*  Topic wise detailed theory notes to build up a solid foundation.
*  Different types of solved examples to develop problem solving skills.
*  Exercise sheet with extensive coverage of objective questions to ensure preparation for any pattern of examination.